the hunt

project goals

I worked on several projects for the application The Hunt, which was primarily used by teenage girls to utilize their community to help them create styles and outfits and to find specific items that they may have seen in magazines or in online style journals.

modeling the system

I collaborated with the product lead to brainstorm a variety of social features and for how to tease apart different user actions—saving, favoriting, collecting and liking. The application conflated these different activities but needed to tease them apart so that users could collect images and collections in a way that separated giving public acknowledgement of quality or coolness from creating personal lists of favorites to awarding others for a good job finding something.

Through the process of the work, I created a concept map to understand the eco-system, interaction flows for different features including notifications, gems and perfect (a form of peer awards and likes), a new feature built around outfits and eventually a full conversion from their iOS application to Android.

The Hunt was later sold to Pinterest.


interaction design

I started the ID process with user task flows. The yellow boxes indicate concepts and features that didn't exist at the time. These would become touchpoints for adding enhanced social and viral features.
Wireframes and studies for navigation on Android devices were the next steps to flesh out before rapid prototyping and visual design.

team makeup

1 design strategist / IA - me
1 client product manager
1 client CEO
This was a Tangible UX project.

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