project goals

Create a new social website that focused on sharing deep knowledge about topics of interest.


  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Social Strategy
  • Project lead - manage team including ID and VisDe

project process

We began the process with collaborative whiteboarding working session to block out the general functionality desired. This allowed us to get an overview of the main features and general assessment of pages/screens needed.

We met with the CEO daily as we developed each use case flow and related screens, delivering updated wireframes regularly - sometimes every other day, sometimes daily.

For the general look of the site, we had a working brand session with CEO brainstorming the desired brand personality. We probed on sites the CEO liked and sites and applications that he didn't to understand a general aesthetic direction. One of the goals of the site was legibility and an interface that took a backseat to the content so a very spare design direction was developed.



interaction design and specifications

the interaction designer and I worked together fleshing out page layouts, information design and the specifications for content and all the microinteractions in the site. we collaborated by handing the documents back and forth and versioning.


exploring information hierarchy in a post design

One the areas we spent a lot of time reflecting on, were the actual posts. I worked through multiple versions and iterations of the presentation of metadata and the actual article synopsis for readability, understanding and general information hierarchy.

Item Module – Options copy_Page_1
Item Module – Options copy_Page_2

visual design

once we finished fleshing out the direction for the interactiomn design and content structure, I worked closely with the founder and ceo to workshop a brand direction for the visual design. after developing a rough profile for look and feel and brand personality, we developed a clean, simple, visual look that allowed the content to take center stage.

team makeup

1 project owner and lead interaction designer - me
1 Visual Designer
1 Interaction Designer
CEO of the company
This was a Tangible UX project.

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