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Lost Women of Interaction Design talks

The Lost Women of the Early Internet Era
UX Camp Chicago
Spring/Summer May20, 2023

Lost Women of IXD
HCI Seminar, CS547

Stanford University
February 2023

Recording of the talk on YouTube

The Women of IXDA - Panel Moderator
Panel during the Interaction 23 Conference with the founding women of IXDA. 20 years.
Interaction 23
February 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

10 Lost Women of IXD
East Carolina UX Design Lecture Series
Invited Lecturer
April 2022

Lost Women of IXD
Design History Society
Hidden Histories: Gender in Design Seminar Series
Selected paper for presentation
April 2022
Recording of the presentation session (YouTube)

Ecosystem of Online Hate Talks & Social Patterns: Anti-Hate by Design

The Informed Life podcast
Discussing the Social Patterns mitigating hate work for ADL
Interviewed by host Jorge Arango
Podcast originally aired September 11, 2022

Deconstructiong the ecosystem of hate
UX Australia
August, 2021

Deconstructing the ecosystem of hate
The IA Conference
April 2021

Mapping Hate
Interaction 21
February 2021
Video of my presentation (Vimeo)

Social Interface Design & Patterns Talks

The Foundations of Social Interface Design
Webinar for O’Reilly Media

Designing for Ratings and Reviews
UIE Webinar

Designing Social Interfaces, 5 Principles, 5 Practices, 5 Anti-Patterns
UIE Web App Masters Tour
2010, Philadelphia

Designing Social Interfaces
Corporate Guest Lecture
2010, Los Angeles IxDA

Go With The Flow – Onboarding, Engagement and Virality
2010, Palo Alto

Social Mania – the social patterns game
Interaction 10
2010, Savannah, GA

Designing Social Interfaces: 5 steps, 5 principles, 5 anti-patterns
IDEA 09 
2009, Toronto

Social Patterns talk
Web 2.0
2009, SF

Social Patterns & Antipatterns For the Win
2009, Austin

Patterns, components and code
An Event Apart 2010
2010, Minneapolis

Designing Social Interfaces: 5 principles, 5 practices, 5 anti-patterns
2009 San Francisco

Designing Social Interfaces talk
IA Summit
2009, Memphis

Implementing a Pattern Library in the Real World: A Yahoo! Case Study
IA Summit
2005, Montreal, Canada

Other Talks of Various Topics

Trust + AI
Discussing solutions to combat fake news and bring trust and transparency to AI. 
Swissnex, San Francisco
November 2022

Start using UX as a Weapon
Keynote talk Web 2.0 Expo SF 2011
March 2011, San Francisco

IA Conference 2022
Information Architecture annual conference. Co-chair with 2 others and a student chair. Curation lead, Sponsor lead, Fireside chat with George Oates (Friday keynote).
June 2021 - April 2022, Online April 2022 [Gather]

The Future is Already Here, Three Trends in IA
Opening Keynote, German IA Konferenz
2010,  Koln, Germany

Re:Design Symposium
Conference Chair
& delivered a workshop on bookmaking as metaphor to prototyping for interaction design
2016, San Francisco

How to Write a How-To
Design Writing Summit sponsored by Boxes and Arrows
2015, San Francisco

The UX of Sales
IA Summit
2014, San Diego

Courses Developed

Guest Lectures

History of Interaction Design
IXDSN 3600
Media History 
F2023, SP2022, F2020  
Read about my first semester teaching this course
Visual Syllabus 2022 (pdf)

Interaction Design Foundations
IXDSN 2000
IXD Core: Sophomore level
SP2023, F2021, F2019, F2018, F2017   

Visual Interaction Design & UI
IXDSN 2300
IXD Core: Sophomore level
F2020, F2018, F2017, F2016, F2015  

Advanced Visual Interaction Design
IXDSN 3500
Junior / Senior level elective
SP2018, SP2017 

Systems for Interaction Designers
IXDSN 2100
IXD Core: Sophomore level
SP2020, SP2019, SP2018, SP2017  

IXDSN 3200 / IXDSN 2600
IXD Core: Junior level - Sophomore level
(course is moving from junior to sophomore level)
F2019, F2018 

Intro to Interaction Design
IXDSN 1000
Freshman level
(developed but not taught)

IXDSN 6700
Graduate level

The Ecosystem of Online Hate - Consentful Tech Practices
Social Design graduate course
Stanford University, Product Design program

How to Write a How-To
Story class
IXD Program, CCA

Designing Social Interfaces 
Talk and Gameplay

Intensive ID class
General Assembly 

Designing Social interfaces
Talk and gameplay

Creative Founder class
IXD Program, CCA

Using and Designing UX Patterns
UX Immersive


Designing Safer More Humane Experiences Workshop
The IA Conference
2023, New Orleans

Designing Social Interfaces Workshop
Euro IA
2013, Edinburgh, Scotland

Designing Mobile patterns workshop
Corporate UX Meeting
2011, Mountain View, CA

Designing Social Interfaces Workshop
Adaptive Path’s UX Week 2010
2010 San Francisco

Themes in user experience & marketing sites
Corporate UX workshop
2010, San Diego, CA

Patterns, components and code
Corporate UX workshop
2010, Santa Clara, CA

Social Architecture – all day workshop
IA Summit
2012, New Orleans

Designing Social Interfaces, Workshop
Web Visions 2010
2010, Portland, OR

Designing the Social In workshop
Web 2.0 Expo 
2010, San Francisco, CA

Designing Social Interfaces workshop
Web 2.0
2009 New York, NY

Building and Using a Pattern Library Workshop
Interaction 09
2009, Vancouver, CA

Building and Using a Pattern Library Workshop
IA Summit
2008, Miami, Fl.

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