experience matters design brings: strategic understanding of user needs within complex systems. articulated through research-informed artifacts & methods to communicate with engineers & product managers, in service to both end user's and business's goals.

I have officially hung up my Adobe suite and Figma software and am no longer consulting unless a really interesting, meaty project appears on my doorstep. With the market and UX landscape the way it is right now, I am focused on teaching, researching and writing about the history of the field, writing how-to books to help UX designers improve certain skills and making art for my press 8 Paw Press. Contact me at erin [at] emdezine.com to discuss any potential projects.

the women of ixd

book, website, connection maps. check it all out at womenofixd.com


systems thinking
system architecture
information architecture

I diagram the big picture before
getting into the details. Its all about context of interactions
in the system.

user task flows

I explain the context 
of how people interact with technology and tell stories so the team can understand too.

user interviews
usability testing
observation studies

I study people in contexts
to understand behaviors
and unmet needs so that
we can make better products.

wireframes & sketches
figma concepts
ux writing

I document the details of 
the interactions at the page
level using a variety of tools
including figma.

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