capital one travel & expenses admin tool

project goals

Reimagine the Travel & Expenses tool for corporate administrators of the Capital One Commercial Credit Card program. Design an easy to use, modern application that is as simple as most consumer solutions.


  • Understand current and future customers around their corporate credit card program management needs.
  • Flesh out all features and deep dive in the Manage Cardholder feature-set.
  • Conduct empathy interviews before & during the design process.
  • Conduct usability testing with an interactive prototype and make agreed upon changes for final delivery to the development team

T&E Admin Information Architecture

understanding the structure

I create the Information Architecture for the entire Travel & Expenses Administrator Tool even though the engagement was focused on the Manage Cardholders section only. 

Fleshing out the information architecture for the entire application allows us to understand the relationships between different areas of the application and dependencies to be aware of when building the different sections.

The IA gives the team a map for building out the future sections of the tool.

understanding the tasks

Track – Statements & Transactions
Options for SSO Sign In
Insights – Reports & Alerts
Global Tasks
Cardholder – Add and Edit flows
Admin Registration

User task flows were fleshed out for each section of the application, looking at the paths and decision points for each screen and all the possible options including error states and interconnected areas.

screen designs - hi-fidelity wireframes

0.0 Landing Page@2x copy
2.3 Edit User – Company info@2x copy
2.4 Edit User – Personal info@2x copy
2.2 User Page: Multi page edit prompt@2x copy
1.0 Default – CCC Links@2x copy

Using the existing Capital One design system, I created screen mockups for user testing for each screen in the system.

This specific project was constrained to the Manage Cardholders section of the application and all its related screens.

 We used the mock-ups to create an interactive prototype in Invision for user testing, iterating and fixing things after every two sessions. The end result was a tight prototype for reference by the development team.


The Manage Cardholders - which included dynamic searching and edit features, launched in February 2018 and is part of the tools sold to large corporate entities as part of their Commercial Credit Card Travel & Expenses suite of offerings.

team makeup

1 interaction designer - me
1 project lead - me
1 client product manager
1 client business analyst
This was a Tangible UX project.

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