Write Design Principles and Interaction Design Patterns
to mitigate online hate in social platforms and games. 

Work done for the Anti Defamation League over the course of 3 years.

Project Goals

  • Provides overarching design principles that keep anti-hate design top of mind for social platform UX and product teams
  • Builds on the product recommendations work ADL CTS done over the last couple of years
  • Calls attention to the research for many of these recommendations that support their actual success in mitigating hate
  • See the library at socialpatterns.adl.org

Target Audience

  • User Experience designers working on social platforms and game UX
  • Front end developers building these interactions
  • Product managers defining business goals around these interactions
  • Trust & Safety and/or Policy teams managing user moderation and tools in the platforms

Activities for each Pattern:

  • Break down each major user interaction flow into their smallest bits of micro-interactions.
  • Research the goal and interaction across mainstream press, user experience design best practices and patterns, academic research, civil society and non-profit research
  • Write the pattern with emphasis on how the recommendation mitigates hate, how it works, why a platform would use the recommendation, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Competitive analysis of the recommended interaction across multiple platforms. Screenshot examples if they exist.
  • Develop Figma interactive example of the recommendation.
  • Cite references

My Role:
Project lead and lead author for the ADL Social Pattern library from 2019-2023.

Drive product brainstorms with UX interns, policy colleagues and other team members within the ADL Center for Technology and Society

Guide and conduct research for each pattern

Manage UX interns; review their writing and design work

Write patterns, edit patterns, collate appropriate references and collaborate with other civil society partners including PENAmerica.

The library includes patterns, principles and topics. Each pattern is associated with related topics and principles and the user can toggle between any of these categories.

Additionally, curated a group of industry advisors who are working UX professionals, social interaction experts, researchers and product managers who regularly give us feedback on the library.

Socialize the library with different university faculty to develop curriculum with the material and for developing relationships with industry user experience design teams working on social platforms and online games.

Press Release for the launch of the project

Team Makeup

  • UX Design & Project Lead: Erin Malone
  • UX Design Intern 2022-2023: Stella Sun
  • UX Design Intern 2021: Anton Castro
  • UX Design Intern 2020 & Site Designer: Ryan Koble

Early Response from the UX Community about the Library


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