project goals

develop a fun, delightful mobile application that capitalizes on the fact that people love to share photos and videos of their cats.

Develop a brand personality
Art direct & refine logo design
Art direct visual direction
Interaction design


about the concept 

Katnip is a simple mobile app that brings cats to your inbox in the form of a daily dose of Katnip around different themes. The email will share 9 curated cats a day, at a chosen time to the user. Users can share their own cat pictures and videos and collect their favorites.

I explored the user experience in an experience map and through fleshed out interaction flows and wireframes.

The admin side of the application is represented with an interaction flow map, database entry needs and the admin screens needed for collecting, curating and scheduling the daily outgoing emails to users.

KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 10
KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 18
KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 13
KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 15
KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 14
KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 16
Style Tile

brand design

As part of teaching the Visual Interaction Design class at CCA, I took my idea and expanded my exploration to include the development of the brand and the application style tile.

To give my visual designer guidance, I worked through a series of brand personality exercises and gave him direction for the style and feeling. Once a direction had been defined, I took the files back and refined the logo and extended the visual direction beyond the few screens designed.


Loading Screen@2x
Sign In@2x
Images Selected Copy@2x
Add Your Cat from a fresh Photo@2x
Add Your Cat – Loading@2x
Main Menu@2x
My Kittens@2x

admin tool

the flip side of the mobile application is a management tool for curating and scheduling the daily katnip. 

KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 19
KatnipExampleForFinalStyleDeck_Artboard 20

team makeup

1 project lead - me
1 interaction designer - me
1 visual designer

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